July 3 – 44 + Jack

So, this was the route I’d hoped we would use on Sat June 20th. Jack had the Friday off (in lieu of Independence Day) & we set off at about 20 past 8. The weather was nice; not too hot, such wind as there was from the north.


McConaha, Carlos, Trail route

West on McConaha, the usual stop for Jack to adjust his derailleur this time at Dougherty Orchard (mile 17), up Washington rd, then east on Bond to Carlos & straight north for 7 miles. Lots of Amish out today on Carlos. Jack had to stop again for water at mile 30 on the trail & I stopped at Williamsburg for a much needed pee. The down the rest of the trail in the shade.

It was a good idea to spend the early part of the ride in the open going west & north and then the return in the shade of the trail [clockwise] (rather than do the opposite direction anti-clockwise, up the trail and down Carlos which I normally do in the evening).


Distance ridden & Elevation. Speed peaks are going downhill, troughs are uphill. Speed below 5mph is a stop.
Ride time and Elevation. We reached the trail from Carlos at mile 29, 2:02 hrs cycling.
Time started5:47pm
Ride time (hh:mm)1:36
Stopped time (hh:mm)13:53
Distance (miles)24.77*
Av. speed (mph)15.5
Fastest speed (mph)24.8
Ascent (ft)409
Descent (ft)417
Energy burn (Cal)1221

Weather : 70 – 80F, wind 2-4mph from north, humidity 84% and decreasing, increasing cloud cover 40 – 50%. Nice day to cycle.

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