July 6 – 34, solo

Solo ride on my birthday leaving at 8am ish. Lovely weather, breezy but not too hot.


This is a favourite route of mine with a twist. SSW to Abington and then down the valley to Brownsville (14 miles). Up the side of the valley and then over across on W Byrd Rd, down a ravine & up to meet Patterson (17.5 miles). Then north on Patterson and then instead of turning east on W Mitchell (at 20miles) continue on Patterson to ride down the slope to the Whitewater river (22). Then up to join Pottershop Rd, turn east and climb the steep hill and cruise down to the highway (24.5). Carry on east for 2.5 miles along Old Indiana 122 until Straightline Pike. Turn here north for 5 miles with 6 valleys and one rather long hill terminating at Boston Pike (US 227) (31 miles). At this point ride along US 27 for a bit before doubling back on S 9th to go under the bridge and west down S N St past Rumpke Recycling and north again on S 5th & thence over G St bridge and home. Nice ride.


3 stops – Yankee Town (12), Byrd/Patterson (17.5), hill to Whitewater (21.25)
Time started5:47pm
Ride time (hh:mm)1:36
Stopped time (hh:mm)13:53
Distance (miles)24.77*
Av. speed (mph)15.5
Fastest speed (mph)24.8
Ascent (ft)409
Descent (ft)417
Energy burn (Cal)1221
Wind6 mph E

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