Aug 7 – 25 + Jack

I packed my bike on the carrier and drove up to Jack Werle’s place on Strader Rd for 5:30pm. We weren’t sure which way we were going to go, but Jack suggested “Eldorado” (pronounced “EldorAYdo”) and since I knew of the New Paris-Eldorado road I thought this was a good idea.


East into Eldorado, Ohio
East into Eldorado, Ohio

We found Inke Rd going east, crossed over Hollansburg Rd by the gravel plant and then south on New Paris-Hillsboro which has lovely views. Down on to US 121 and then a dogleg to the windy Wolfrey Rd which bridged us over to New Paris-Eldorado Rd. So far so good. We continued east & north on this road (also labelled SR 31) until we got to a crossroad (SR10 going north). We turned left (north) and then right (east) on B Rd (sic) which was helpfully signposted SR 31. Three miles later we had arrived in Eldorado. It took us but 5 mins to scope the village cycling north up Main St. Turning left we embarked on SR 33 Whitewater-Eldorado Rd to return home west. 5 miles later we hit US 121. Jack commented that though the forecast had been for an East wind, in fact it was coming from the west so were having to cope with a bit of a head wind — not much though. Down 121 for a 1/2 mile & then sharp right to go up Primrose Rd and then left (west) on Hollansburg. This merges into Inke Rd but there are a lot of ups & downs here. 4 miles later we hit Park Elwood going south and then to Strader. A very nice run indeed.


startedAug 7 2020 at 5:47pm
ride time1:35:50
stopped time13:53
distance (miles)24.77*
average speed (mph)15.5
fastest speed (mph)32.5
ascent (ft)409
descent (ft)417
temperature (F)74
humidity (%)50%
wind5 mph NE

I didn’t start the Cyclemeter app until the point 1 on the map above so add two (2) miles to the overall distance.

Jack really liked the cycle shirts I wore, so here they are :

Wallace & Grommit : Keep up lad!
Feathers McGraw

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